Saturday, February 18, 2012

A cool canvas print!

I realize I haven't had many posts yet and I also realize I'm starting out kinda slow and simple here, but ya know, it works for me and I guess that's all that matters at this early stage. :) Anyway, the awesome photographer that took my daughter's reception pics got a shot at night with sparklers and I decided it would look great on canvas. I started out with just an 8" x 10" in case I totally flubbed everything up! I didn't want alot of money invested! (smart thinkin') ;) I spread modge podge on the canvas and also on the back of the picture.
After placing the picture on the canvas and allowing it to dry (maybe 30 minutes tops), I then spread modge podge over the front of the picture, first going horizontal, and then vertical.
At first I painted the edges of the canvas using a brown paint thinking that it would match the tones in the picture the best. I later switched to black.
And here is the finished product. I took a rag and dabbed paint around the edges of the picture.
I love it and it was very easy to do!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Don't ya love to win?!!

I love to win things!  I don't necessarily win things all the time, but I've won my fair share of items.  Like just last night.  I was checking a few of my favorite blogs.  I was visiting Traci over at Beneath My Heart and reading the story about her son and then listening to him sing.  WOW!  He has an awesome voice!  That is truly a gift from God!  Anyway, I was totally enjoying the post when I got to the bottom where she announced her "Fish Foam" giveaway winners.  Well, who's  name do you think was listed second??  Yeppers!  It was mine!!  I'm soooo excited and I can't wait to get my product! 

The moral of this story is - enter ever giveaway you can, as many times as you can, and who knows.... one day, it could be you yelling out in excitement as your surfing the net some evening!  :)