Saturday, February 18, 2012

A cool canvas print!

I realize I haven't had many posts yet and I also realize I'm starting out kinda slow and simple here, but ya know, it works for me and I guess that's all that matters at this early stage. :) Anyway, the awesome photographer that took my daughter's reception pics got a shot at night with sparklers and I decided it would look great on canvas. I started out with just an 8" x 10" in case I totally flubbed everything up! I didn't want alot of money invested! (smart thinkin') ;) I spread modge podge on the canvas and also on the back of the picture.
After placing the picture on the canvas and allowing it to dry (maybe 30 minutes tops), I then spread modge podge over the front of the picture, first going horizontal, and then vertical.
At first I painted the edges of the canvas using a brown paint thinking that it would match the tones in the picture the best. I later switched to black.
And here is the finished product. I took a rag and dabbed paint around the edges of the picture.
I love it and it was very easy to do!



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    1. Thanks Jan! I thought I had. Figuring all of this stuff out is a little tricky and frustrating at times! And thank you so much for being my first follower!!