Thursday, March 22, 2012

Liebster Award!!


I'm so happy that Lesley, over at Not 2 Shabby Crafts, made me one of the recipients of the Liebster Award!  It was so sweet of her to do that!!  :)  This award is bestowed to blogs that have less than 200 followers.  Liebster is German for Dear, Beloved, Favorite.

Since I received this award - I now get to pass it along!  Here are the rules - 

The honor of accepting is done in the following fashion:
1.  Link back to the person who bestowed the honor on you.
2. Pick 5 blogs with less than 200 followers to pass the award forward.
3. Post the award on your blog!

Here are the sites I chose to share the award with -

1.  California Dreaming - I found her burlap wreath through a link party, but then loved how she does crafts, paints furniture, crochets, and knits!  I'm sure there's more, but wow!

2.  Flair for Home - Their adoption story is amazing and I greatly admire others who put their trust in the Lord and leave it to Him to work out according to His will!

3.  The Sweet Life - Cake. Pops.  Lots and lots of cute, pretty, and I'm sure absolutely tasty cake pops!!  Need I say more?!!

4. Myriad of Possibilities - I stumbled across Cindy's blog from her cute little lunches she packed, but when I saw her copy of One Yard Wonders - which is also a book of mine - I knew she had great taste and I knew I was gonna have to keep an eye on her!   :)

5.  Our Home Away From Home - I'm not sure how I ran across this site, but I absolutely love the header!  It looks so much like "me."  I also love her master bath and she has lots of cute DIY projects!

Congratulations to everyone and don't forget to pass it on!   And while you're at it, go by Lesley's and see her great blog and crafts!!


  1. Thank you so much for choosing me as one of the recipients of this award! :) And you are right the pops are tasty!! If anyone out there is looking for cute sweet cake pops to use in photo shoots for any parties contact me and we will work something out. Thanks again and I will definitely be passing this on! :)

  2. Hi Misti, thanks for the award! I love what have on you blog so far. I will be posting my award soon and passing it on. I am a new follower!

  3. Misti, thank you so much for the award! I will be passing it on soon!

  4. Thanks for passing the award on to me. It was a nice surprise when I got back from visiting my family. I will have to pass it on to some fellow bloggers. Cheers!