Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Weekend

It's a beautiful day.

Spring has made everything pretty and green.

The weeping willow is gently swaying in the light breeze.

The cows are enjoying green pastures again.

We're surrounded by ponds.  We can't see the one in the back of the house though since the leaves are back on the trees.

This last view is, of course, not from my home.  My daughter and I were bored one evening and decided to sight-see a little while we were in Fayetteville, AR.  We drove to Lookout Point just to see the downtown area of Fayetteville. We knew when we got there that we were at the right place because of all the cars there. Most people had cameras and when the sun starting going down, they started snapping away. I took a few shots and then tried to get toward the back out of other people's way. When I turned around to look again, I had this view. It was by far my best and favorite picture and it was only taken with my phone.

Happy Easter!  Enjoy the day with family and friends and bask in the glory of all the Lord has provided for us.

 Stay safe until next time -

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  1. Looking so lovely and lush! Hope you have a fabulous Easter!



    1. I did Linda! I hope you did, too!

  2. Such beautiful pictures. You can really see the "goodness" in this world. Enjoy your Easter season and thanks for sharing your part of the world with me.

  3. That last shot is spectacular... timed perfectly! Happy Easter.

  4. Amazingly beautiful shot.. it's not so much the camera as it is the eye of the person behind it! Thank you, for sharing on 'Weekly Top Shot.' :-)

    1. Thank you Madge! It always gives me such peace when I look at it!

  5. HOW BEAUTIFUL! Your property is just lovely, and that last shot is so inspiring.

    My aunt and uncle used to live in West Fork, and I have such fond memories of visiting NW Arkansas. Of course, I know the area has changed a lot over the past years and is much more developed now, but obviously it's still a beautiful part of the country.

    Thanks so much for joining Grace at Home!!

    1. Thank you Richella!

      I've been there a few times and yes, it's very pretty! Unfortunately, I live on the flat part of the state.

  6. HOORAY FOR SPRING! Lovely photos, thank you for sharing them!