Monday, April 2, 2012

Spray Painted Magazine Rack

I know lots of you have talked about how you love spray paint, but I have never been that good at it.  About the only thing I spray paint regularly are the two rocking chairs I keep on the front porch.

I bought an old, beat up magazine holder a few weeks ago for about two dollars.  I thought it would be good to practice on since I have a tendency to practice on real things that don't always look as great as I'd hoped in the end.  My plan was to just brush paint it, since that's what I usually do.  However, I wanted it green and I didn't have a can of green paint and naturally when I decided I wanted it done, I wanted it done - Right. Now.

Also, I realized brush painting in between the slots wouldn't be near as easy as spray paint.  And for a non-spray painter like me, I sure do have lots of cans of spray paint! 

Anyway, here is the before.  I have a cutesy little helper in the background.  :)
 And here is an after. 
I distressed it and decided it needed something since it's kinda large.  I used the side that had the flower design in the before picture since the edges were in a little better shape.  I used the cricut to made a stencil and then used my watery ugly beige paint to write out 'magazines.'  I then distressed over that hoping to blend it to look old.  I think it would have been better if I had used the other side to put the word since there was a raised area from the flower, but I still like it.  The guys like it too.  Of course, they're guys.  :)  We'll see if my daughter likes it the next time she comes home.  :)

 Either it was sunny... or it was way too dark.  :)
Not bad for a beginner (in this area).  Of course, I think alot of things look good until I take a pic of them!  :)

Stay safe until next time!

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  1. The magazine rack looks lovely ... but wanted to comment on the comment thread you jumped in on at Kari's Thistlewood Farms ...

    You made me smile that you want to join our Link Party support group ...


    Fun and funny people are always welcome at our 12 step program ...


    1. I'll be there! "Funny" gets your so much further than "grumpy" :)

    2. I hit enter too soon -

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Sweet job! and I'm in total agreement with Linda. :) Fun and funny always works for me!! xox (oh and multiple exclamation points also!!!!)

    1. I get so excited and I just can't hide it!! (I'm about to lose control and I think I like it fa la la) And it comes out in multiple exclamation points!! And if I get confused.... ??? then multiple question marks here I come!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I am okay with spray painting little things. But I made a lame attempt to spraypaint a door once. Let's just wasn't pretty :)


  4. lol! I vow to get better!

    Thanks for coming by!